Milking Time

Our cows are milked twice a day in our parlor and have over 100 acres of pasture to graze and exercise. They receive their daily grain in the milking parlor and are observed for any possible health concern or illness. Before any cow is milked, she is predipped. Predipping is where we take a peroxide-based cleaning solution and apply it to her teats to clean debris and remove bacteria. The solution sits on the teats for 30 seconds before it is removed with a clean cloth.

During the 30 seconds, she is stripped. Stripping refers to hand milking the milk out of the teat to flush the teat canal. This is done to ensure the cleanliness of the milk and to check for off-colored or flakey milk. These first few squirts will contain the most dirt and bacteria, so it goes directly down the drain. After the teats are thoroughly cleaned and dried, the milker is attached.

After the cow gives all her milk, the milker is removed and a postdip is applied. The postdip is an iodine solution that will help the teat canal close, keep the teats soft, and prevent bacteria from traveling up the teat canal into the udder, which could cause mastitis. The cow is then released from her milking stall and returned to graze the pasture or munch on some of our high quality hay.

Healthy Cows. Happy Cows.

Our cows are closely monitored every day to ensure their health and happiness. They are allowed to leisurely graze our pastures and have a constant supply of high quality hay.

When our cows get sick, we work closely with our veterinarians to give them the best possible treatment, including using antibiotics.

When antibiotics are administered, withdrawal periods are strictly adhered to, thus ensuring there are never antibiotics in our milk or cheese. We do not give antibiotics in our grain.

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