Store-Bought Milk vs. Swan Bros Dairy Farm Milk

Milk is a staple in many households, a versatile product that is used for cooking and baking or enjoyed on its own. However, not all milk is created equal. Many people might not be aware of the significant differences between store-bought milk and milk from a local dairy farm. Understanding these differences can help you […]

6 Common Cattle Myths Debunked

You might think you know all the cool things about cows, but there are lots of misconceptions out there. We wanted to take a moment to share some of those myths and the facts that debunk them: Myth #1: Cows have four stomachs Cows actually have one stomach with four parts. A cow’s stomach is […]

Our Partners

Not only are our products available for purchase directly from our farm store, but we also make deliveries to Oklahoma restaurants, stores, and coffee shops who sell or use our milk products in their products! We thought we would compile a list of those places and give you a little information on some of them.  […]

Get Your Turkeys Here!

Our Turkeys If you are looking for the perfect turkey for your Thanksgiving meal, look no further! Our turkeys are raised in partnership with 7K farms in Adair. These turkeys are raised on non-GMO, antibiotic and growth hormone free grain, and they have access to fresh grass everyday. The turkeys are raised in bottomless pens […]

Vat Pasteurization

Most people probably understand that milk, cheese, and many other food products are pasteurized to reduce and eliminate bacteria in the final product, but did you know there are multiple ways to pasteurize? There are several ways to pasteurize products, but two of the most popular ways include high temperature short time pasteurization (HTST) and […]

Our Products

You might know that we carry farm fresh milk, cheese, and meats, but did you know we carry a lot of other products too? We keep products in stock that we are proud to sell. Most of our products support other Oklahomans. We love supporting other small businesses in our area, and we couldn’t be […]

Beating the Summer Heat

Summer might be the perfect season for many things – backyard barbecues, pool parties, neighborhood get-togethers and so much more! Summer, however, is not a cow’s favorite season. In fact, cattle prefer the air temperature to be around 40-65 degrees. Anything above this range can cause the cattle to overheat and go into heat stress. […]

Dairy Month: Dairy Good

Dairy Month is one of our favorite months of the year! We like to celebrate by reminding others about all the cool things dairy products have to offer to consumers. Experts recommend getting three servings of dairy each day. With something as nutrient-dense as milk, you are sure to get all the necessities easily.  Milk […]

Babies on the Farm: Selecting Bulls and Raising Heifers

While you might recognize our business for our milk or our cheese, we are also in the business of breeding cattle. Without careful breeding, our products wouldn’t be what they are. Through careful selection of bulls, we are able to raise our own dairy cows and beef cattle from start to finish. Raising our future […]

Hay Season 101

It’s getting close to that time of year: hay season. Making hay is a staple of many farmers’ and ranchers’ lives. We know when May comes around, it’s time to harvest and prepare for the colder months coming. It may seem like an easy process on the surface, but farmers and ranchers have a lot […]