Our Turkeys

If you are looking for the perfect turkey for your Thanksgiving meal, look no further! Our turkeys are raised in partnership with 7K farms in Adair. These turkeys are raised on non-GMO, antibiotic and growth hormone free grain, and they have access to fresh grass everyday. The turkeys are raised in bottomless pens that get moved around regularly to provide the freshest grass possible. These turkeys have access to fresh grass and sunlight all day long, essentially being raised free-range. The turkeys are fed to their desired weight, and then processed at a USDA inspected facility then sold directly to our farm, so we can sell them to you!


How to Get Yours

Turkeys become available in November, but are on a first-come, first-serve basis. You don’t have to wait until November to buy it, though! We are taking reservations NOW for these turkeys!

There are only 25 birds available, so don’t wait to reserve yours until the last minute. The cost will be based on weight – $6/lb, with the estimated final weight of about 15 pounds. To reserve your turkey, we will take a $25 deposit, with the remainder of the cost being paid at pickup. 


Reserve Today

Give us a call with questions and stop by soon to reserve your turkey!

(918) 341-2298

938 E. 5th Street

Claremore, OK, 74017


Monday – Saturday

8am – 6pm