Most people probably understand that milk, cheese, and many other food products are pasteurized to reduce and eliminate bacteria in the final product, but did you know there are multiple ways to pasteurize? There are several ways to pasteurize products, but two of the most popular ways include high temperature short time pasteurization (HTST) and vat-pasteurization.

High Temperature Short Time Pasteurization (HTST)

HTST pasteurization is probably the most commonly used method for pasteurization, especially for large volumes. This method uses a plate heat exchanger to heat the milk. At the basic level, this form of pasteurization heats the milk through a series of chambers. The milk is warmed to 134.6 to 154.4 degrees Farenheit in the first stage and 161.6 degrees Farenheit in the second stage. It then passes through a holding tube, which is the final step of the pasteurization process. The milk is cooled back down to 39.2 degrees, and ready for the filling process. 

This process is fairly quick, which is the benefit of using this process for large quantities. The downside to this method is that it can often lead to a more cooked flavor than our preferred method, vat pasteurization.

Vat Pasteurization

vat pasteurization is a less commonly used method for pasteurization, but the one we prefer! This method is a little simpler than HTST pasteurization. Vat pasteurization is where the product is placed in a large container and heated to 145 degrees Farenheit and agitated to break down the solids that are typically present before pasteurization and ensure the milk is heated thoroughly and evenly.  

We prefer this method for several reasons, but one of the main reasons is the taste! With vat pasteurization, we don’t get that cooked flavor that you might get in your store-bought milk. While most people are used to the store-bought, cooked flavor, our milk has a very different taste profile that is closer to the taste of true milk.

If you haven’t tried our milk, you are truly missing out on some milk unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Stop by the farm store to get yours today! 


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