We are in the works of building a new and improved farm store that will bring many benefits to you as the consumer. The new space will feature more square footage which will allow for more products, more space to shop, and a more updated look. This spacious new farm store will be located on the south side of our current store with easy access from the parking lot.

We are so excited for this new building and the new space we have to provide more farm fresh products directly to you. We will have five times the cooler space and a bigger meat display for our farm raised beef, pork, and chicken.

Additionally, we will be able to provide more products from local farmers and ranchers. While we strive to provide you with some of your favorite local products in our farm store now, we want to be a resource for more quality local and Oklahoma made products. We will be able to house more amish baked goods, local produce and other local made products in our new and improved space, so you will have more options when you stop by!

As we expand, we can’t help but reflect on our humble beginnings in 1923. From our one cow in the first generation of Swan Dairy farmers to now our third and fourth generations of dairy farmers, we are excited as we look to the future of the farm, and hope that we make the past generations of dairymen proud of the operation they started. We have expanded our product selection over the years and hope to continue to do so as we expand our space now and in future years.

Our current store was built in 1964 when the milking parlor and the processing area were built. This new store is not an end to our humble beginnings, rather a stepping stone to get to where we want to go in order to best serve our customers. We have big dreams and plans for the dairy moving forward and this is the first step to fulfilling those dreams. We look forward to the completion of this project and hope to share future plans later this fall and next spring.

Without our loyal customers, we would not be able to even dream of this kind of growth, and for that, we thank you! If you are around, stop by and see us. We would love to meet you and get you some farm fresh dairy products and other Made in Oklahoma products to take home to enjoy!