6 Common Cattle Myths Debunked

You might think you know all the cool things about cows, but there are lots of misconceptions out there. We wanted to take a moment to share some of those myths and the facts that debunk them: Myth #1: Cows have four stomachs Cows actually have one stomach with four parts. A cow’s stomach is […]

Under Construction

We are in the works of building a new and improved farm store that will bring many benefits to you as the consumer. The new space will feature more square footage which will allow for more products, more space to shop, and a more updated look. This spacious new farm store will be located on […]

Dumping Milk? COVID-19 and Swan Dairy

With about 1 in 12 people employed in the agricultural industry, it’s not surprising that COVID-19 has impacted the industry in many big ways. Most of which are a result of the break in the supply chain. All across the globe, we are seeing issues with meat processing plants being shut down because of an […]