January 11, 2020 is National Milk Day, and is a day to celebrate all of the wonderful things that milk has to offer. Milk is full of nutrients, can be a great recovery drink, and is great for your bone health (learn more here). While milk is healthy for you, it also has other fantastic uses: 

  • Milk is great for “cooling down” a burning mouth. Spicy food can leave your mouth on fire, but milk is better than water or beer to cool down your mouth if the spice is too much to handle. 
  • Some say you can thaw frozen fish in milk. The milk helps keep the flavor of the fish. The milk rehydrates the fish as well. Leave the fish in a shallow milk bath in the refrigerator for 24 hours before cooking. 
  • Milk is great for the skin too. Milk… 
    • acts as a moisturizer when added to a face mask
    • can ease the burn in a sunburn
    • can be made into a paste (powdered milk and water) to help remove makeup or as shaving cream
    • soothes the itchiness in bug bites (water, milk, salt), poison ivy, and eczema
    • softens calluses
    • can clean dirty fingertips (half a lemon dipped in milk OR milk mixed with oatmeal for a heavy duty soap)
  • Milk is a great shiner as well. Use it to make your silverware and patent leather items look shiny again. 
  • Remove ink stains with a mixture of milk and lemon juice.  
  • Fine china soaked and simmered in milk for 45 minutes will sometimes bond the pieces of the china together, resealing itself. While it may not work for every crack and chip, its worth a shot. 

While we love milk for its nutritious (and delicious) addition to our daily diets, milk is more than just a drink. We love the diversity in milk and hope you do too!