Antibiotic Use in Dairy Cows

If you have ever had any sort of infection, you know that antibiotics can be a lifesaver, sometimes literally. Similar to humans, animals must be treated with antibiotics when they experience bacterial diseases and infections that can be treated. This keeps the entire herd happy and healthy, and allows for the farmer to continue to […]

Nothing Gets Cheddar than This: The Process and Results of Making Cheese

There is little better than adding cheese to your hamburger, a gooey melted grilled cheese, or a cheese and cracker tray at a get-together. Before we get to enjoy all of the wonderful things we can do with cheese, it has to go through quite the process. While it may take years to make a […]

Here Comes the Sun

Spring on the dairy farm means a lot more than losing an hour of sleep with the start of Daylight Savings Time. In the spring, many dairy farmers breathe a big sigh of relief. This time of year brings big changes for the earth, the cows, and the farmers. We (usually) see the snow melt, […]

Dairy, Love, and Chocolate

Are you looking for a way to mix up Valentine’s Day while also showing someone you love them? Chocolate milk might be your answer!

What’s in Your Milk?

In recent history, there has been a lot of debate on the health benefits of milk, resulting in alternative milks such as soy and almond. However, within the cow’s milk sector, debates center around just a couple of proteins. These proteins are small but mighty, potentially making a huge difference not only in the chemical […]

The Perfect Gift Year Round

Whether it’s the holiday season or not, finding the perfect gift for those you love can be difficult. It takes more work than walking into the grocery store and buying a gift card. Lucky for you, we have several options year-round to get a unique gift that shows you care without the hassle. One of […]

Our Legacy

Started in 1923 with just one cow, we are now one of the most diversified dairies, doing more than just milking cows. Ruby and Harley Swan, Sr. started with that one cow and eventually grew the herd and the business. The business began delivering milk in classic glass bottles to Claremore residents. In 1946, the […]

Swan Bro’s Journal

Swan Brothers Dairy had it’s beginning in 1923 by Ruby and Haley Swan, Sr. with just one cow. Today we are one of the biggest Dairy Product Manufacturers in Oklahoma State. Swan’s Cheese have taken Blue Ribbons at the Illinois State Fair for the past several years.